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Four Seals of Dharma

  • Nyima Tashi Dharma Centre 30b Pollen Street Auckland,, 1021 New Zealand (map)

Dungse-la teaches on the Four Seals of Dharma in this three-evening presentation, Monday, May 20th, Tuesday, May 21st, and Wednesday, May 22nd. Each evening begins at 7:00pm.

The Four Seals are four observations about the phenomenal world and our experience of it that lay the foundation for the path toward liberation. They are:

  • All compounded things are impermanent

  • All emotions are suffering

  • All phenomena are without inherent existence, in other words, empty of self-nature

  • Nirvana is beyond words or concepts

Earlier Event: May 17
Four Seals of Dharma
Later Event: May 24
Four Seals of Dharma